RWCE is a non-profit organization with a mission to preserve Rwanda’s diverse species and environment for future generations through raising awareness and educating about conservation. The organization seeks to inspire people to take accountability and action to conserve and protect Rwanda’s animals and their natural habitat.
With rapid population growth and severe shortages of basic resources such as water and electricity, Rwanda’s environment is vulnerable. The time to act is now.
In recent months we have worked with the Rwandan government and the local teams on a strategic plan to develop our mission and vision.

The Five Pillars of the Program:

Conservation Center​​

  • Sanctuary for wild animals that can’t be returned to their natural habitat
  • Animals as ambassadors
  • Protecting vulnerable and critically endangered species facing high risk of extinction
  • Creating educational experiences and programs for children in the local community and all of Rwanda that emphasizes the importance of wildlife and its preservation
  • Eliminating children’s fear from wildlife
  • Train the next generation of wildlife care givers
  • Overseas volunteers teaching in community day school
  • Students exchange programs
  • Educating on wildlife protection rules and regulations

Education Center

Wildlife Hospital Center

  • Hospital and rehabilitation programs helping injured, orphaned, or ill animals to be released back to the wild
  • Collection of lab work and samples for research
  • Training for interns or junior veterinarians to be familiar with wildlife treatment
  • High quality and reliable human diagnostics

  • A valuable resource to assist with developing a wildlife disease diagnostic laboratory; particularly, by providing assistance with biosafety protocols and quality management

  • Research on wildlife diseases surveillance, investigation, monitoring, and control as well offering clinical services to diseased wildlife species

  • Students training

Research Center

Tourism, volunteering & community programs

  • Empowering our community through education to protect native wildlife and their natural environment
  • Offering various volunteering programs including special global campsites and lookouts
  • Students/youth exchange delegations
  • New wildlife site -for domestic and international tourism
  • Creating local tree planting programs
    Building with local and eco-friendly materials
  • Integration of local community in all activities exercised by RWCE
  • Create new tourism activities and opportunities in Bugesera for the district development

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